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Sara Shamma’s Tiger sculpture in Singapore to raise awareness for WWF SINGAPORE,

10 March 2022
Squeezed Jungle is the name of Sara Shamma’s Tiger, part of the show that was launched at the National Gallery in Singapore and is spread now all around the island.
“We, humans, are drying the jungle from its inhabitants like squeezing an old rug, then we cover our sins with fake statements and conventions about the environment, one day the paint will wipe off and the jungle will be nude as an old dream.” Commented Sara.
Starting February 26, 2022 and until April 9, Thirty-three life-sized tiger sculptures are designed by a collective of internationally acclaimed artists placed at familiar spots including Gardens by the Bay, Jewel Changi, National Gallery and Sentosa, as well as heartland areas like Waterway Point and Causeway Point in Singapore.
It’s part of The World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore’s AR-mazing Tiger Trail, to create a trail of wild tigers island-wide that can be brought to life with Augmented Reality.
Thus, the campaign is aimed to spur conversations and action to save the tigers that are being killed by poaching, climate change, and deforestation and to double the wild tiger population by this year.
“It is always an honour to work with WWF. Our mission to curate the Tiger Trail 2022 was particularly uplifting. My invitation to all the incredible artists, both in Singapore and around the world, was met with huge support and excitement. Bringing art and conservation together enabled the artists to show their passion for protecting this magnificent species. Each unique artwork celebrates the majesty, beauty and environmental importance of the tiger.” said Chris Westbrook, Curator and Creative Director of Tiger Trail.
Marking the conclusion of the trail, WWF-Singapore, together with Sotheby’s, will launch an online auction from 12th – 26th April 2022. The auction will offer collectors from around the world the opportunity to take ownership of one of the incredible, life-sized sculptures that formed the AR-mazing Tiger Trail.
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