Sara Shamma participates in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021

From 22 September 2021 to 2 January 2022
31 October 2021
Self Portrait is the participating painting of Sara Shamma in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021, the oldest and most deep-rooted art show in the world that is held every year since 1769 in the heart of London.
The works are selected and hung by Royal Academicians who also exhibit works in the exhibition, the exhibition this year is co-ordinated by Yinka Shonibare and a panel of artists, under the theme of ‘Reclaiming Magic’ Across the Main Galleries of the Royal Academy of Art in Piccadilly street.
Held every year without fail for 253 years , the Summer Exhibition is a celebration of contemporary art and architecture. it provides a platform for the artistic community to showcase what they’re doing.
Shamma’s self-portrait is one of an ongoing series of self-portraits.
Shamma comments: The inner life of human beings expressed on their faces and hands is highly inspiring to me, I’ve always since I was a child sailed into faces and gestures, when I discovered that I can do all the sailing by gazing into my own face and hands, the mirror became my source of inspiration. Basically one human being stands, for humanity as a whole, actually for the whole universe.
Art curator, writer and television broadcaster Kathleen Soriano describes Shamma’s approach thus: In using her own image she is always searching for a separateness, a disconnect so that she is outside of her own representation. Through extended, close examination in a mirror that eventually allows her to see beyond the apparently familiar.
The Summer Exhibition is open to the public from 22 September 2021 until 2 January 2022.