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Fighting Hunger painting to support World Food Programme (WFP)

01 January 1970
As the United Nations World Food Programme's Celebrity Partner, and in a new step to support the Programme's projects, Sara Shamma has created a large scale oil painting inspired by the suffering of the vulnerable refugees and hungry people and the response of WFP; the painting is entitled Fighting Hunger, and was sold in Christie's Dubai in 2012 after being exhibited in different exhibitions, all proceeds went to WFP. Syrian prominent film director Nabil Al-Maleh produced a documentary about the phases of the creation of the painting and its relation with needy people and WFP projects, as contribution to Shamma's campaign. The creation of the painting and the filming of the movie took place in the artist's studio in Damascus. Ministry Of Culture in the Syrian Arab Republic offered Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts (Damascus Opera House) to be the place of the revealing of Fighting Hunger painting on March 14, 2011, when the Premiere of the movie Story of a Painting took place, followed by a music concert given by to the Strings of the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Missak Baghboudarian with participation of the Opera Singer Suzan Haddad, the proceeds of the event went to WFP too. The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is the largest humanitarian organization in the world; it fights hunger and distributes food aids to millions of people in many countries. As for Syria WFP is running different projects in collaboration with Syrian government, the most important ones are related to thousands of Iraqi refugees and thousands of Syrian victims of drought in the north east of the country.
Story of a painting, Film by Nabil Al Maleh 2011